Want to convey a fresher, hipper image for your brand? Want to demonstrate your company’s commitment to clean energy and the environment? Then the eTuk is the perfect tool to reach the market you're looking for.

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Looking for a fun and unique idea for your corporate outing, team building exercise, or seminar add-on? Want something that will thrill your participants, and give them an experience they’ve probably never had before?

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Special Events

Bring some fun into your next event! The eTuk provides a unique, highly-visible, fun vehicle for transporting people to, from, and around venues*.

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The eTuk “Classico” has the shape of the well known Tuk Tuks from Thailand, with a bench seat for 3 passengers (+ driver), but is 100% electric-powered, and has been completely re-engineered to meet European safety standards.


Perfect for use as a shuttle vehicle, or where more passenger capacity is needed, the eTuk “Limo” is our stretched version and has 2 facing bench seats with space for up to 6 passengers (+ driver). Naturally, also electric.

Cargo & Vendo

The eTuk “Cargo” and "Vendo" models, based either on the Limo or Classico chassis, can be customized for your needs, whether you need a box for delivering packages, special inserts for catering- or vending option.







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