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The traditional 3-wheeled “Tuk Tuk”, also known as an “auto-rickshaw” has been the mainstay of short-haul transportation throughout Asia and parts of Africa since the 1950s. It is small, lightweight, inexpensive, and easy to drive and navigate through the typically crowded streets of major metropolitan cities.


The Dutch engineering and manufacturer firm TukTuk Factory has created the first fully electric, 100% zero emission "eTuk". The eTuks are built to European standards of quality and safety, and have received the EU All-Type Vehicle certification.

eTukTuk GmbH is the exclusive distributors of the eTuk for Germany, operates as special event, promotion, advertising and tour rental company. We also sell the eTuk for use as delivery vehicles or shuttles, and will soon be offering a franchise system to entrepreneurs interested in creating a sustainable business. Click on the links above to learn more.

Welcome to the revolution in the evolution of e-Mobility!

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