Take your advertising message to the next level with a revolution in the evolution of clean, environmentally conscious mobile advertising! As an entirely unique, environmentally-friendly vehicle that’s never been seen on the roads of Germany before, the eTuk turns heads and evokes a strong reaction to everyone who sees it.

It's novelty and "cute" factor creates a positive emotional response that will leave audiences with a lasting connection to your message. And the fact that it's 100% electric will help reinforce your company's eco-conscious image. The eTuks will operate as sightseeing and shuttle vehicles from late March until November. As such, they will be seen in areas of the city which have the highest concentration of shoppers and tourists (Mitte, Charlottenburg, Tiergarten, & Prenzlauer Berg), exposing your message to thousands of people daily. The eTuks can also be rented to drive specific, dedicated routes in order to hit your target demographic. The branding possibilities on the eTuk are numerous, including full graphic wraps, installed DVD players, brochure pockets and more. Click above for more information, or contact us today to discuss your advertising campaign and find out how eTuk can help you get the exposure your message deserves.


Short-Term Advertising

Have an event coming up or new product you want to promote? Then talk to our marketing experts about our Short-Term campaign possibilities. With advertising runs starting at just 1 day, you can create a big impact in a short amount of time. Book multiple vehicles that drive in convoy fashion for an even bigger impact, and designate the route that the eTuks follow in order to specifically target your demographic. We can create graphics from a full-wrap and custom seat covers, to simple banners. If you’re interested in creating a promotion around your ad campaign - say, having a promo team handing out flyers, or demonstrating your product, click on “Promotions” for more information. Give us a call today to explore the many possibilities.


Long-Term Advertising

Want a sustainable, long-term impact for your advertising message that people will see over and over again? Then eTukTuk’s LT Advertising is for you.

Non-Exclusive Routes

Our fleet of rental eTuks will be driving around the hottest parts of the city during their daily sightseeing tours. Everywhere we go, our eTuks turn heads. Your message will be exposed to the highest concentration of people right in the heart of Berlin’s thriving tourist and business areas.

Exclusive Routes

If you have a specific demographic you’re targeting and want more control over how, when and where the eTuks will display your message, then let us work together with you to develop and exclusive route for our drivers to target exactly the market you want to reach. You can determine the route, driving times, whether the vehicles drive in convoy fashion or drive independently of one another, where they should stop, and if there should be any interaction with the public. From side, rear and roof banners, to full wrap graphic advertising, to brochures or DVD players in the passenger cabin, your advertising will be seen everywhere and will leave a lasting impression. Give us a call today to explore the many possibilities.



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