Want to convey a fresher, hipper image for your brand? Want to demonstrate your company’s commitment to clean energy and the environment? Then the eTuk is the perfect tool to reach the market you're looking for.

The eTuk has broad appeal across a wide range of demographics, and eTukTuk's outgoing, fun and professional drivers are carefully selected to represent your brand in order to bring the most attention to your message.


Because of it's high novelty value, the eTuk is the perfect vehicle for drawing people's attention to a product, message or event. Generally used in a stationary position, it is designed to attract people to the vehicle so that they can either be engaged by the advertising message printed on the panels, or by a Brand Ambassador who can convey further information.

Some Promotional services we offer:

  • Product launches
  • Brochure/info handouts
  • Sample distribution
  • Film/Album promotions
  • Theatre, gallery, museum exhibit openings
  • Contests
  • Brand Ambassadors

Examples of campaigns using the eTuk platform:

  • TUC Cracker's promotion in which they handed out samples of a new variety of cracker
  • Vodafone's launch of a new mobile phone
  • Distribution of catalogs for MAC Jeans during Fashion Week Berlin

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