eTuk Cargo & Vendo

Our eTuk “Cargo”, based either on the Limo or Classico chassis, can be customized for your needs, whether you need a box for delivering packages, special inserts for catering, or want a mobile vending option.

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eTuk Limo

Perfect for use as a shuttle vehicle, or where more passenger capacity is needed, the eTuk “Limo” is our stretched version and has 2 facing bench seats with space for up to 6 passengers (+ driver). Naturally, also 100% electric.

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eTuk Classico

The eTuk “Classico” has the shape of the well known Tuk Tuks from Thailand, with a bench seat for 3 passengers (+ driver), but is 100% electric-powered, and has been completely re-engineered to meet European safety standards.

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